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Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsule

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Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsule ( Quantity 1 contains 1 bottle with 48 Capsules and 1 Pack with 12 Capsules, Total 60 Capsules)

Direction and Dosage:

Take two capsules a day once a day, Take the capsules alone in the morning or take them half an hour before your largest meal of the day. Drinking plenty of water is highly recommended to achieve its maximum effect because you will get thirsty.

The main ingredients in the Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen CapsuleBee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber

This product offers total cleansing of the digestive system by utilizing insoluable fiber from all the ingredients, allowing for the product to provide a very strong natural laxative that also removes some toxins and parasites as well. To enhance the effects of this product, it is best to use product in addition to colon hydrotherapy for dramatic weight loss benefits it, Lotus Seed and Dietary Fiber,women will notice increase in libido

Whose Function Theory is As Follows:

Part I: Thermogenic Weight Loss

BAT is brown fat (scientists call it fat adipose tissue). You don't have much of it. BAT is found in very small amounts throughout the body. You can't see it on you. It is GOOD FAT. You want all of this kind of fat you can get. BAT has only one purpose - to create heat. To do that, it must use calories. Where does it get the calories to burn? From white fat (White Adipose Tissue). White fat is BAD FAT; the fat you can see on your body; the fat you want to get rid of!

Thermogenesis - How does it work?
Thermogenesis is the term used by scientists to describe the activity of BAT (or Brown Fat), which includes dozens of biochemical and metabolic events. The basic outcome of these events is the generation of thermo units, in other words, the creation of heat in your body. But there is a hitch, as you will see in a moment.

Thermogenesis has been observed in living organisms in the following natural situations:

1. In Hibernating Animals- Ever wonder why hibernating animals don't freeze to death? The answer is thermogenesis. Their bodies spend all winter burning up stored white fat. The burning is done in BAT and it generates enough heat to keep the animal warm.
2. In Cold Adaptation- Ever seen someone working outside in freezing weather with nothing on his/her upper body but a T-shirt? They can do this because they have "adapted" to the cold. And how did this adaptation take place? The same way it did with the hibernating animal. The cold-activated thermogenesis in the BAT.
3. In Eating- Thermogenesis occurs following meals. Unfortunately, most of the calories are supplied directly by the food, not by the white fat.
4. In Small Children- It seems that small children have considerable BAT. However, as they get older, the amount of BAT gradually decreases until, as adults, they have very little. One of the problems facing scientists was to explain this process.

The hitch, then, is simply this: Under normal every-day circumstances, people have little capacity for thermogenesis. Living in warm climates, heated homes and cars, and modern eating behaviors and stresses have all seriously suppressed thermogenic capacity. However, scientists have discovered how to reverse the process that strips us of our thermogenic capacity as we leave childhood, or to give us the thermogenesis that we might never have possessed (due to hereditary factors). Zi Xiu Tang is based on this research. Since 2004, Zi Xiu Tang has been proven to be one of the most effective thermogenic products on the market. The key to Zi Xiu Tang is to generate as much BAT activity as possible, and in many cases even reactivate BAT that has gone completely dormant or has become less effective as we age.

Part II: Detoxification of the Colon and Digestive System
This product offers total cleansing of the digestive system by utilizing insoluble fiber from all the ingredients, allowing for the product to provide a very strong natural laxative that also removes some toxins and parasites as well. To enhance the effects of this product, it is best to use product in addition to colon hydrotherapy for dramatic weight loss benefits.

Part III: The pH Balancing
One of the biggest misconceptions is that fat is kept on the body due to the fact the body is starving. Now, fat is kept on the body due to the body being very acidic. The more acid your body produces, the more fat your body needs. Why? The body wraps the acid in the fat, and stores it into the body's fat pockets, protecting the body from the harmful effects of the acid. Fat is created for survival. Yet, the body is triggered for fat accumulation once it reaches a certain pH level.

To make the body feel differently, this product changes the pH of the body, which does two things. First, the body stops and reverses fat absorption and then changes to fat burning, since it now believes it has too much. Second thing that happens, the increased fat burn rate also increases the metabolic levels of the body, making the metabolism go through the roof! Energy is no longer an issue! This is noticed after the first time you take it. So, those who utilize the pH diet, welcome to the world we now live in! No longer do you need to run around finding foods that fit the bill, just two pills in the morning with water, and go about your day!

[Specification] Total 60 capsules
[Targeted Group] pure fatness, postpartum fatness, people who are unable to reduce and control their weight with proper diet or sports

[Unsuitable] Not for adolescents, elderly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people who suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure etc., depression people or anyone with bee or pollen allergies

[Shelf Life] 2 years

[Approval Code]QWSZZ (2003) No.016

[Executive Standard]Q/ZXT01-2004

[Supervisor]  Guangzhou Zi Xiu Tang Biotechnology Co., Ltd & Haikou Branch

by Hien Serafino
I've been on this product for two weeks now and have lost a total 4lbs without changing my diet or exercise habits. My brother-in-law lost 20 lbs using this so after seeing my result. We both like it.

by Sara Johnson
I was so sick of paying money for junk that did not work..but this product is not a waste. It gives you a boost of energy for the entire day. I have managed to keep it off now on a maintenance plan which definitely includes my Zi Xiu Tang.

by Melanie chwil
I have lost 40 lbs since I started. I'm getting older so I am more prone to weight gain so I have been using for a long time. It works great all the time!

by Gina Murnaghan
I felt like my appetite was slightly curbed. I did not change a single thing to lose the first about eight pounds. These really work. I hope losing more weight will allow me to have it removed.

by DOROTHY Nicosia
I am happy, for the first week it hasn't been easy, I also cut back on my food intake.I tried these pills. I am happy to say I started out at 211 lbs and now I am 199 lbs.

by ruda Bower
I have been using this product for a few weeks now, I have been working out for 30 minutes and have already lost 8 pounds, these pills a shot I think you will like the results!!!

by Janet story
Had a small lunch with another pill and did not feel the need to snack before my evening meal I also found that I did not need a big meal to make up for anything I missed. I would most definitely recommend this company!!!!!!!!

by America Disla
I haven't paid much attention to it. I also don't know if this would work for other people who are just trying to lose weight without maintaining a healthy lifestyle. the point is I have used it and this product has really helped me move past my plateau.

by Tina Rappaport
I was hesitant to try the new "miracle pill" but I am happy I did. I'm 100% happy with this product. I can feel my hunger being curbed. This product is great!

by Krystal Hurtado
I wake up a little more refreshed and less groggy and it's been easier to avoid snack cravings. Just make sure you do eat a little something before taking them. I have used before and plan on ordering again.

by Eddie bella
Reading up on this product, I decided to give it a try. Seven days after taking the product, I was knocked out by the results, after only seven days I lost a total of 23 inches !!!

by Priscilla yarlik
I have been using the Zi Xiu Tang for more than 2 months, I also work out while using it. I was so happy I discovered the Zi Xiu Tang. The pills took a while to work, but in two weeks I started to see the results. I highly recommend purchasing!

by Sabrina freemantle
I've been taking this product every single morning and I have seen results! have been using this product for about 4 months now. I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble loosing weight because of an over active appetite.

by Jaden Perez
I've been taking this product every single morning and I have seen results! have been using this product for about 4 months now. I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble loosing weight because of an over active appetite.

by Danelle ecoro
It keeps me from over-eating and snacking all day. I have not put back on the weight that I have loss and look forward to loosing an additional 20 lbs. Zi Xiu Tang was pleasantly surprised to see I had maintained my weight.

by Shannon Rodriguez
I haven't lost any weight yet but I stopped gaining without any changes in diet and exercise. I heard that Zi Xiu Tang help to eliminate body fat , so I just tried it. I did lose 11 pounds and mostly from my middle where I needed to! It's worth trying to see if it works for you!

by Nichole rodriguez
I did cut back on my calorie intake slightly but the Zi Xiu Tang definitely sped up the process. I felt less hungry and had more energy. I have been taking this pill for over a month. I am very pleased with this product and the results I have got taking it!

by sevda valdovinos
I had been looking for a product that would suppress my appetite but not make me feel like I was able to leap over a tall building in a single bound and have been disappointed by products on the market. i am very happy with the results i have experienced so far.

by Heather almaguer
Most of the supplements out there give me the jitters, and make my heart race. One day, my girlfriend was so excited to tell me about her new found love. And she persuade me to use this too. The energy boost I get from the Zi Xiu Tang is just what I need, not a like an unwanted turbo rocket booster in the rear and severe heart palpitations.

by Alex sena
I have taken on a new outlook on life and have recommended this product to others. I am well satisified with my results so far

by Pamela Newton
I have lower appetite. That's how I knew this stuff was working. I had been trying to correct some bad-eating habits, with little or no success, but now I feel encouraged to keep going!

by Taguirov Aviles
Its true what they say. the older you get the harder it is to lose weight!!! all I wanted to do is lose 15 lbs., that wasn't so easy till i heard about the XXX from a friend of mine. lets try them.... I love this product! It has helped me with not only curbing my appetite, but my energy and mood levels are much better. I highly recommend it!

by Susie Sanchez
This stuff Really Works, I have lost weight and most of all inches..I continue eating the same. The funny thing is I don't feel like eating as much, i like this zixiutang and i have already recommended this to my brother,hope he get the same good effect.

by Lucia durieux
I can't say I notice any specific effects. I don't feel jittery. I'm a 49-year-old woman and about 60 pounds overweight. My husband has been worried about my health and heard about this from a colleague and asked me to try it.I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was just hoping for a little slimming.

by magaly Perry
I ordered it from this company. their shipping was quick and the product is good, it def seems to be working. Loved this product. Made me feel great and not only did I not gain any weight but felt great on it!!

by Zina Gonzalez
If there's one thing I hate about ordering things online, it's the fact that I have to wait to get it instead of going to the store and walking out with the thing I bought. Well, I do have to say that this product arrived so quickly that I was a little shocked.and the quality is good. now ,i gain al ittle confidence at shopping online.

by rokiatou torre
I have found this zixiutang is helping me loss weight,and i have checked several website selling this product. im not sure which one is real and better. but i order from here in the end. it works for me, not fast but i have not changed a thing and I am a few pound lighter in 2 months so, I think it works.

by george Larsson
I am contemplating speeding up the process with a gym routine but as of now, my only exercise to is remember to take the pill 30 minutes prior to eating. as far, i have lost 11lbs. i really like this zixiutang.

by Victoria Myers
A decent health supplement with no chemical which is great. It is made from pure natural herbs which is awesome, normally these kinds of supplements needs much higher dosage to see visible effects. Recommended!

by Glendora music
I bought this stuff for my wife because she's been putting on weight lately. She doesn't work out like she used to, and I can't seem to get her to go to the gym with me any longer. So I bought this for her because she said she have friends had used it and received great result. so she wanted try . hope she like it.

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